Tour in Bhutan

Tour in Bhutan


Tour in Bhutan

Bhutan Cultural Tours-7Days

The mountain kingdom of Bhutan is a living masterpiece of ecological conservation in the world today. The Bhutan Cultural Tour is our effort to introduce you to the imposing Dzongs, or temple fortresses, that are intrinsic to Bhutanese Buddhism. You will begin your Bhutan Cultural ...

Difficulty: Easy   Max. Altitude: ---   Trip Price: Contact Us

Glimpse of Bhutan Tour

Bhutan remained entirely disconnected from the rest of the world until the 1960s. Therefore, visiting the country and witnessing its rich culture that the government has carefully tried to preserve, is an achievement in itself. On our 4-day tour we will be visiting popular Bhutanese ...

Difficulty: Easy   Max. Altitude: 2350M   Trip Price: Contact Us

Bhutan tour with trekking

The 14-Day Cultural Tour in Bhutan takes you to an unforgettable sightseeing cultural tour of Bhutan, also famous as the 'Dragon Kingdom', and the last remaining Mahayana Buddhist Kingdom in the world. Experience why everything revolves around spiritualism and philosophy in Bhutan ...

Difficulty: Moderate   Max. Altitude: 4040 m   Trip Price: Contact Us